Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

I was having a conversation with a fellow coworker the other day and we were discussing our preparations for Easter.  She commented that "Easter is my favorite holiday"....I certainly pondered that for a few days.  It seems we put much emphasis on Christmas in the birth of Christ. Without Christ where would we be?

Put I digress, I still kept thinking where is my heart? 

At our house we don't put much emphasis on the Easter Bunny and all the traditions that accompany it.  Yes my trio gets a small gift from the Easter Bunny but it something fun and small.  We've never colored eggs (more from my laziness than any other reason) and usually their is something new to wear.  Even if it is just a pair of tights sometimes. 

I think I had my answer to my question this morning at church.  I chose to attend to more traditional service that our church offers.  I love the sing the old hymns "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" .  My heart was so full as it was sung this morning.  My heart was swelling this morning.  There is a reason we celebrate Easter in the spring.

The resurrection of Jesus is new beginnings.  Just as we see buds on the trees, the new grass sprouting in the yard and the bright colors of little girls in their Easter dresses.  God wants to remind us of our new life daily with Him!

"Because HE lives I can face tomorrow" was sung proudly and loudly today (sorry to the people around me).  New beginnings.  We can face tomorrow because of the sacrifice of Jesus' blood.