Monday, September 19, 2011

Busyness & Choices

We all live busy lives. I know for sure I am one of them. Between working 3rd shift part-time, 3 kids, a husband who works odd hours, church commitments, etc. It generally does not leave a lot of free time.

Busy is also a word I hate. Yes, hate.

Being busy is a choice. Its how we serve our time.

I have a relationship with someone who is constantly "busy". I've been working for the past 2 years to mend this relationship after a falling out of sorts.  Efforts have been made to make sure I acknowledge this persons birthday & anniversary. I have also invited this person to several events that are important to me and other parties involved.  They have been acknowledged with I'm busy or no acknowledgement at all.

Normally I'd try and concede that this is a relationship that has passed the test of time. Sometimes relationships do that.  Friends ebb and flow.

However this relationship is a family member. We live less than 10miles away. I haven't spoken with them since Christmas 2010.


Today I acknowledged my pain. Enough is enough. Fences need to be mended. Relationships are important. They either need to acknowledge their errors or we mourn a big loss.

Time will tell.

I'd like to have a relationship.  God gave us all grace.

Perhaps they will see fit to extend some to us.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back story I work 3rd shift part-time. Some mornings my husband gets our kids off to school. This was a story he told me when he came home for lunch today and woke me up.

My husband came into our bedroom this noon to wake me up.  He was laughing because I literally hadn't moved in the bed since I fell asleep this morning at 6:45.  Granted I had been awake for almost 24hrs at that point but its unusual for me to not move around.

Anyway, he was so excited about an encounter he had at the bus stop waiting for our 9yo's bus.  He was telling the story about a new family in our neighborhood from Bosnia. They live on a street that we rarely travel on so we had not met them.  There was a little boy that was new and my husband said he could tell "there was something a little off".

The kids got on the bus and he was ready to head to work. This is an extremely busy week for him and his mind was to getting on the many tasks he needed to do. The mother seemed a little sad so he spoke to her.  She was feeling at the end of her rope. Her son had autism and she was struggling. 

Hello divine intervention! We tonight are volunteering at a groundbreaking for The woman behind this is amazing and our church supports this ministry.

My husband told her about the event tonight and promised to get the brochure explaining Benjamin's Hope.  Which he dropped off to her before coming home for lunch!

I'm so proud of him! How often do we listen to our own selfish desires and miss these appointments?

This is something I'm really trying to unwrap.  The Good Samaritan and truly seeing those around us.  I'm goal is to perhaps try and unpack some of the thoughts I have (and I have many).

Hmmm.....trying again?

So....I've obviously epically failed at the whole "blogging" thing.  I'm not sure where this is going. But, I do know that I enjoy journaling.

I'm going to try this again. Just for me. Just to get some thoughts out.

If you read this please be kind. The grammar will be incorrect. The stories may not be interesting to you. But sometimes, you just need to get it out :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

I was having a conversation with a fellow coworker the other day and we were discussing our preparations for Easter.  She commented that "Easter is my favorite holiday"....I certainly pondered that for a few days.  It seems we put much emphasis on Christmas in the birth of Christ. Without Christ where would we be?

Put I digress, I still kept thinking where is my heart? 

At our house we don't put much emphasis on the Easter Bunny and all the traditions that accompany it.  Yes my trio gets a small gift from the Easter Bunny but it something fun and small.  We've never colored eggs (more from my laziness than any other reason) and usually their is something new to wear.  Even if it is just a pair of tights sometimes. 

I think I had my answer to my question this morning at church.  I chose to attend to more traditional service that our church offers.  I love the sing the old hymns "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" .  My heart was so full as it was sung this morning.  My heart was swelling this morning.  There is a reason we celebrate Easter in the spring.

The resurrection of Jesus is new beginnings.  Just as we see buds on the trees, the new grass sprouting in the yard and the bright colors of little girls in their Easter dresses.  God wants to remind us of our new life daily with Him!

"Because HE lives I can face tomorrow" was sung proudly and loudly today (sorry to the people around me).  New beginnings.  We can face tomorrow because of the sacrifice of Jesus' blood.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Esteeming your Spouse

It seems the subject of marriages has come up quite a bit in my life. I love being married and I love my husband. Right now in our marriage we are closer than we have ever been. This has not always been the case. Life tends to get in the way and each other is not always the priority.

I also think it goes much deeper than that. A couple can spend all kinds of time together but what their are doing during that time is what matters.

Do you esteem your spouse? This was a huge thing for me. Like I said, I love my husband, but like any other person on the planet he has some mannerisms that are completely annoying to me. For many years I tried to change him and his ways, not truly embracing him for what he really was. Once I accepted that this is what shapes him into the man he is, not only that God uses what I find quite annoying at times as a way to for him to serve the Lord.

Are you supporting your spouse? Or are you constantly trying to get your own way? God asks us as women to honor our husbands and let them lead. When I became submissive to my husband this completely changed our marriage. I'm not saying that you need to become a doormat to your spouse. That is not what God intended. You just need to let him lead. Many women find it very hard to sit back and trust that this will work but it does. The blessings that come from it are huge!

Proverbs 31 talks about a wife of noble character. It is something I am really striving for. I'm taking the literal translation from the bible however, I am going to make my house a home.

And so it begins.....

I attempted a blog a year and a half ago. Couldn't find my voice and let it go. This is my second go of it.

My life took a major turn November 2008 and writing became very therapeutic to me.

Sometime I just need to get the words and thoughts out whether or not it all makes sense.