Monday, September 19, 2011

Busyness & Choices

We all live busy lives. I know for sure I am one of them. Between working 3rd shift part-time, 3 kids, a husband who works odd hours, church commitments, etc. It generally does not leave a lot of free time.

Busy is also a word I hate. Yes, hate.

Being busy is a choice. Its how we serve our time.

I have a relationship with someone who is constantly "busy". I've been working for the past 2 years to mend this relationship after a falling out of sorts.  Efforts have been made to make sure I acknowledge this persons birthday & anniversary. I have also invited this person to several events that are important to me and other parties involved.  They have been acknowledged with I'm busy or no acknowledgement at all.

Normally I'd try and concede that this is a relationship that has passed the test of time. Sometimes relationships do that.  Friends ebb and flow.

However this relationship is a family member. We live less than 10miles away. I haven't spoken with them since Christmas 2010.


Today I acknowledged my pain. Enough is enough. Fences need to be mended. Relationships are important. They either need to acknowledge their errors or we mourn a big loss.

Time will tell.

I'd like to have a relationship.  God gave us all grace.

Perhaps they will see fit to extend some to us.

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